Homemade Bath Salts That You Can Make Yourself

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Homemade Bath Salts That You Can Make Yourself

Who doesn't like pampering their skin with aromatic homemade bath salts and scrubs following a tiring day at work.

Bath salts are a great addition to your relaxation regimen. Homemade bath salts aren’t anything but a combination of ingredients that are beneficial for the skin and it is well-being. You can easily make them with simple supplies which are readily available. Bathing in Epsom salts has been clinically proven to hurry the healing of wounds and ease muscle pain. By making your own fragrant bath salts at home, it can save you money by using ingredients found in your cupboard. Creating your own homemade bath salts also permits you the flexibility of scenting and coloring the salts while you please.

Who doesn’t like pampering their skin with aromatic homemade bath salts and scrubs following a tiring day at work. What can be more relaxing than soaking yourself inside a hot bath with your favorite scent. Not just for the fragrance, but adding Epsom salt in your bath provides a soothing effect and promotes healing of skin tissues as well.

Given below is a straightforward way to stir up bath salts on your own.

Making Bath Salts

Homemade bath salts are really simple to make. They can be color tinted, scented or plain. They can be presented inside a jar or a cellophane bag. They can be given as one small gift or paired in a gift basket.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt makes a great cleansing bath for removing toxins, providing relaxation and relieving aching muscles. You will find Epsom salt in just about every grocery, health or pharmaceutical store, usually within the personal care sections.

Rainbow Bath Salts

Did the rainbow colors suck you in? Yeah, us too. And fortunately, it’s way easy to turn clear Epsom salt into colorful crystals-just give a scoop of salt and a few drops of food coloring to some plastic bag like shake it a Polaroid picture. Try infusing each color having a different essential oil to create a lush, layered scent.

Orange Dream Bath Salts

Here’s another two-toned bath salt which will surely wow as a gift or favor. Once more, reach into your cooking cabinets for the ingredients, including orange and vanilla extract, as well as food coloring.

Sea Salt

Sea salt has exactly the same cleansing and relaxation qualities of Epsom salt plus plenty of minerals. Although salt is a wonderful bath product all by itself, a variety of therapeutic ingredients can be added for more health, healing and relaxation benefits. For instance, you can infuse bath salts with scent, color and oils. These are just a couple of the most common ideas for bath salt recipes.

Lemon Rosemary Bath Salts

Lemon is one of these natural cure-alls that we can guarantee you’re not taking benefit of enough. Besides promoting blemish-free skin, its scent is cleansing, uplifting, along with a perfect balance to more medicinal scents like eucalyptus or rosemary. What are you waiting for? These bath salts are a fun way in.

Homemade Bath Salts

Homemade Bath Salts

Lavender Bath Salts

lavender-labelssm we used 1 cup of epsom salts and half a cup of sea salt for this, adding about 8 drops of lavender. Adjust the fragrance, just adding one or two drops at any given time until you’re happy with it. Decorate the jar by threading lavender ribbon with the openings in an ecru doily, tie in place making a bow. Alternatively, use a rubberband to secure the doily, then tie a ribbon regarding this. Print and cut out our free Lavender Bath Salts Labels then glue in position to finish the jar.

Rose Milk Bath

We can’t wait to do this luxe combo of Epsom salts and powdered milk, which helps to carefully remove dead skin cells. Rose essential oil adds a level more calming note to this relaxing concoction.

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